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2011 Annual Conference
 Theme: "GCEL: Illuminating the Way"

Joseph B. Washington

Author, Speaker, Successful Mentor


     Known across America for his passionate style of speaking Joseph Washington is a dynamic motivator, whose gift is to empower individuals through challenges and to help them embrace their future.

     Joseph’s passion for speaking is a result of his own personal struggle with stuttering while growing up in San Diego, California. Joseph worked hard to overcome his disability due to the embarrassment and teasing he received from others.

     It was around the age of fifteen when he noticed his speech began to change. Soon after he began to develop self confidence; he was no longer afraid to speak publicly. He soon realized that speaking was something that was becoming as natural to him as breathing. His life would take a new direction after he found himself motivating and inspiring others through words to become all that they were destined to become.

     For the past 20 years, Joseph has worked in corporate America in various management capacities. He was a Corporate Manager at Delta Airlines, an Account Manger and Corporate Trainer at a large CPA firm and the Director of Sales for an Air Filter Company in the Midwest, where he was awarded the Eli Lilly award for the top sales person.

     He’s been very successful and sets high standards for himself and his work. He’s received praise and awards for meritorious service, particularly for his ability to lead and manage individuals who some labeled as unmanageable. Joseph’s ability to merge corporate America’s vision with that of their employees has made him corporate America’s dream come true.

     As President and CEO of The Joseph Washington Group Inc, located in Atlanta, Georgia, Joseph has created a company specializing in helping corporate America, non-profit organizations, colleges, network marketing groups and many others to deal with changing environments while maintaining a high level of performance.

     He is a featured writer in the book Walking with the Wise along with such authors as Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Harvey Mackay, Cynthia Kersey just to name a few

     Joseph Washington has a style that moves his audience to laugh at times or shed a few tears. One thing is for certain, people are moved to take action. With his unique, passionate delivery, which is mixed with solid content and practical principles, you are sure to see life as you have never seen it before.   

Get ready for the ride of your life!  

You can also check out Joseph Washington's website at